Product Lifestyle Video With Models

From: $3,800.00

Showcase the benefits of your product and target a variety of buyers with a Product Live Action Video from OctaDime



OctaDime’s product live action videos are the result of constantly adopting new techniques that enable us to achieve visuals which are often un-achievable for others to attain. More than just thinking about motion graphics, we also think about your brand. Our focus is on showing how you want to be seen and perceived by your target audience.

We’re not afraid to go outside the box and stretch our comfort zones. With us as your partner, you’ll get creative ideas, thoughtful concepts, and qualified suggestions from our experience, fun crew.

To give a better perspective, this is the detailed process of how the Live Action Videos are produced.

Scope of work:


  • Scripting/Story Outline
  • Discuss logistics and creative elements


  • (1) shoot day
  • Scheduling
  • Casting
  • Crewing
  • Equipment (industry-standard camera, sound and lighting gear included)
  • Ancillary production needs (insurance, expendables)


  • Editing (1 round of revision)
  • Licensed music
  • On-screen text (titles, etc.)
  • Logo (if any, to be provided by Client)


  • (1) 30-60 second video – 1920 x 1080 HD format
  • Low resolution HD format for web purposes
  • Raw footage (if needed, hard drive provided by Client)


To reiterate our process, we generally need about 4-6 weeks to effectively complete a video. Of course, we speed up or slow down as necessary.

Creative Development

We spend about 1 week on creative development and scripting. In this phase, we work through the concept and send you a rough script for notes, before we finalize the script with the client. The timing depends on how much back and forth we have and how quickly the client can get us notes/comments.


We need about 10 days for preparation. This is when we build out a schedule, hire our crew and cast, book locations and deal with other pertinent matters required to be ready for the shoot (insurance, equipment, storyboard, scouting, etc.).


This is the actual shoot, which is generally one day.


This is the editing phase that takes an average of 2 weeks. Here we transcode and process all the footage to build a rough cut for the client. The client receives a cut for notes, after which we will prepare for final delivery. Things like music, voiceover, graphics, text overlay etc., all occur in this final stage.

After a purchase is made, the below details will need to be sent to with subject line: “Live Action Videography Purchase”

  • Client’s Full Name:
  • Package ordered: Product Live Action Videography
  • Order ID:
  • Marketplace/s (Amazon US or Europe):
  • Script for Video:
  • Your Amazon Product Listing Link or detailed benefits/features:
  • Any particular info you’d like mentioned:

Do check out the FAQs tab to further answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to for custom details. The turnaround time for this service is 4 to 6 weeks.

Disclaimer: All of OctaDime’s services have a no-refund policy and we don’t offer videography for alcoholgambling and/or adult related products and/or brands.